Lily Allen

the dark is still, but I am not 

the cage inside my heart has rot

and there she is, right in its spot


I have something to say

and it hollows my chest

"I have something to say"

but no words follow next

I gasp and I gulp in the dark

now I'm mute

the voices they tell me my points are all moot


I'm scared that you'll see my devotion

foolishly forgotten on my face like house keys on the counter

but no bother... cause you already know

it's in the way the middle of my face softens when you speak to me

and I'm scared that you know


And even though I've stifled and swallowed all the words, they've digested

and absorbed into my skin so that my very forehead spells out your name


I'm scared

Of my quiet devotion

and how loud my heart screams for you in the night because I've already told it to be quiet


I'm scared

because I remember how the walls moved the last time my love was left unsupervised 

don't fuck with me, please.


and we remember that night you said that I loved you too much

and the words that were hanging in the back of my throat turned to icicles and fell

slicing coldly, cutting slowly through the tubes

nestling in that spot between my stomach and throat that I wish didn't exist


and I wouldn't die without you, love

I wouldn't die without your love

I only weep alone because

my Love's price has gone way up

...but you still paid it

I don't get it

you hold my heart

and how I've fretted

that you'll set it down a sec

or even that maybe you might forget

or even that maybe you might regret

and I remember the sorry's I didn't get

from the one who slept against my neck

I'm used to being the old, safe bet

I haven't a clue what to do with an "it was an accident"


And so I ran. but you flew and caught me

the voices do not know why you want me 

but I want you too, and I want it all

I'm grateful it's you I trust with my fall

but my falls have been violent, I'm nothing but bone

tell me to leave, and I'll go straight home


but I'm scared, cause if you want me, I'll stay by your side

I'm down for the jump

I'm in for the ride


my heart beneath your pillow, please kiss it again


and I'll say my prayers all over again

and I'll say my prayers all over again