The Kleenex King

my lover has a runny nose

she likes to balance on her toes

the hair upon her head it grows

like chia


and off it goes


she warms my blood

and gleams my teeth

sex-inflicted injuries


but I don't mind

she's just my kind

sunshine, she's mine

blueberry pie


her lips like petals

open me

her kiss

it takes me out in threes


my Gabby, oh she weakens me

she is the flower and the tree


she's the baby and the shrew



my angel babe, my princess girl 

I smile at you

I want to hurl


you've seeped beneath my skin, and so

I breathe you in, no need to go


I'll stay here with my demigod

let my wrists go, let me fall

in pure and sweet, I'd like to drown

I loved you then

I love you now.