How to Feed Yourself Downtown with Literally No Money

Whether you're renting a room, in a dorm, or sharing a space with friends, your life at this stage boils down to a few simple truths, chief of which being: you aint at ya mama's house anymore.

As someone in my early twenties who is currently living on my own in the city, I know damn well what the struggle is out like here, and have spent many nights having sleep and spit for dinner.

Below, I've compiled a short list of what to do when you find yourself broke and hungry in the city - a conglomeration of things I have made up, and have also done myself:


1. Ask four people for $0.25

If you have too much pride to straight up ask for money, ask four friends if they have a quarter to spare. This is enough so that you don't feel weird for asking, and if they can spare an extra quarter, even better.

With your dollar, you need to find your ass to China town (usually walking distance, or sneak on the back of the 505) where you can get 3 buns (BBQ or hotdog are the most filling) for a dollar flat. Dinner.

Alternatively, if buns aren't your thing, 7/11 sells noodle packs in the back anywhere between $0.30- $1.00. Dinner.


2. Go to events

If you're in school, and there is some sort of campus event (which happen fairly frequently), it will usually be free, and have refreshments. Go there for 10 minutes, pretend to care, and stuff as many of those dry ass muffins in your bag as you can.

Alternatively, go to a club meeting, as they usually never turn away a new face. Here, you will also pretend to care (unless the club turns out to be kinda fun, in which case even better!) and 9/10 there will be food.

In fact, I myself went to Jesus club a couple weeks ago, just for dinner. (It was delicious, and JC is lit on the super low)


3. Learn to hoard

Whenever you are put in a position to have food, or access to it - you better stretch that shit, bitch! For example, if you scored a sandwich or meal for the day, always eat half, and save the rest for next time. The goal is to eat, but that doesn't mean you won't be a lil hungry from time to time. Eat your portion, drink some water and hush. At least you have food for later.

If you still visit your parents, you better take that opportunity to stock the fuck up! Left overs, snacks, and fruit are your best friends. *Fabolous voice* Just throw it in the baaag!


4. Drink some tea

Hey - it be like that sometimes. If you have a job, there is a very high probability that they will have tea or coffee. Tell your supervisor that you have a stomach ache, and they usually won't mind getting you a cup. It's not food, but it's warm and it's somethin.


5. Ask for help

I put this one dead last, cause it's usually my very last resort. If you're like me, you know how icky it feels to ask for money, especially if you and your parents aren't on great terms. But if it's a literal emergency, then sometimes you just gotta suck it up and ask for help. 

Some other alternative can be:

- Ask a friend for a few dollars.

- Ask a friend/parent to buy you a loaf of bread and either eggs, peanut butter, or tuna. All these options will cost you less than $5.00, and will feed you for at least a week and a bit. 

- Spend the night at a friend's place; their homes will most-likely have food, and if not y'all can figure something out.


Bottom line: living is hard. Living downtown is harder. Living downtown on your own is a fucking trip. Hopefully these tips will help full your tummies until pay day, cause, trust: I know the struggle!


Love you!


- Muva Broke Bitch