boo hoo blue hue on you, too

Hope like flowers blossom, bloom

'Round we spin, a new full moon

Will my lovers stay this time?

The time of hands are steady, cruel


I want to go with them

and love where they do

My fountains, my wells no longer run blue


My stream has been thickened

My waters amuck

It's not a good thing that you still want to fuck

I'm an accidental liar

I'm hopeful at best

Along with some innards there's gold in this chest

So hug me real softly, I love you the best

Leave me real slowly

I don't want to text

Tell me which one of your victims is next

I'll pretend not to feel that rush to the neck

Cause I have them too

Potentials anew

But it doesn't matter at all, honeydew

My apples they grew

Too heavy for my tree

And before I could tumble

They fucking plucked me


And my juices ran clear on their chins as I ran

Letting you touch me was never the plan

So leave, when you do

Check the hue of my blue

My waters are new

I love me too