Lolli suckers

I won't blow it

I adore you, and I show it

I'll lick the crystals from your eyes

Jelly hearts, my rainbow poet


Pretty peace, my prince of mind

I sigh about you in the night

Through my pillows, sheets and silk

I want to mew and lap my milk


Cotton lashes, candy floss

You'll never lose, I'm never lost

Pour me slow and sip me deep

Spill your secrets, mine to keep


Gimme gimme 

Top shelf pleasure

Never siphoned, never measured


Lic my allsorts - or ice

My cream

What'd I tell you 'bout that gleam?

Now I must eat you

Didn't plan it

Choco rabbit 

My bad habit


Sucks you melted through the foil

I don't mind

Not very kind

My sweetest toy


My boy

My bowl of liquid soul

Gold you shot straight to my toes

Quick, kiss my nose

The wind it blows

So I must go

Break me off a left over, though

Though we all know

The freshest souls

Taste best if I eat before I roll


So spread me thin

I'll do it again

But only five more times

Cause lover, you're mine

But I'm his

And hers

An- no ones

And mine

So be kind

Cause I dine on you slowest

And everyone knows this

But I can't be owned, baby


I'll die

I'll die