i'm daring you to love me

i'll spread my legs as i pick my nose

"daddy please" but only through my rubber mask

i don't give a shit about the filth underneath my tongue


potty mouf

i'll run the same tongue across the head

that i used to lick the bowl clean


please me

i'm the best, really



at me

hilarious actually, that I'm made to be beautiful

cause i'm dirty, baby


but they know im a god

that's why they don't care that i always laugh when i shouldn't

and that's why i don't care that i wrinkle their noses


but everything is attracted to light, isn't it


the good and the shit

so it doesn't matter if i'm dirty, baby

pussy is pussy


i've let 14 people touch me

but only allowed a few to feel me

*just* for a second, though


so I suppose it doesn't matter at all

whether or not they're weird enough to fuck me

cause i come hardest on my own

but it would be nice to know

if it's possible to find an equal


cause this "being misunderstood" bullshit

is getting really old

and it makes me think that the only one I've ever really been in love with is myself

and honestly?