Dear White Men

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Do you see that shit? This is what a vast majority of black women have to deal with from you, white men. And that is nothing. That is the very tip of the iceberg. Now I'm going to need you to do me a favor, ok? Sit down, close your pink lips, and listen. This one's for you:

You are racist as fuck. Yes, RACIST. No, you are not paying me a compliment, no I am not flattered, and hell noooo will you ever get near my mocha-Hershey's-syrup-chocolate-caramel-venti latte skin (as you are apt to put it). By singling us out for our blackness, and explicitly stating that that is the sole reason why you are acting so damn beg, you are not being cute or flirty, you are fetishizing me and it's gross.

What exactly is so "exotic" about me, white men? I grew up in Mississauga, fam. I was born here, just as you were, speak the same language and everything. So you highlighting my heritage then singles me out. Turns me into an "other", but it's okay cause you want to fuck me? Think again pepperoni stick dick.

Perhaps... just perhaps... you could approach me as, say, a normal (see: white) girl? Perhaps you could say the exact same things to me, as you would Heather (not that it would work), but at the very least would  make me feel less of a popular exhibit at a petting zoo. You might as well say: "I'm not usually into niggers, but hey. I'm feeling generous today!" That is how you come off. That is how you sound. Stop it. 

What makes it even more awful, is that these men seem to want a prize for being interested in lil ole dark me. They explicitly say things like "Wow, I don't know why, but I just LOVE black girls", which implies a sense of shock at being interested. Meaning that you already made the division in your head between me and every other girl. 

Say it with me now: "Black girls are still girls". Again: "Black. Girls. Are. Still. Girls". While there are clear differences between myself and Veronica (hello!), it's just really icky to make my blackness the key point of your interest. If you have a preference for us (unpack it), and keep it to yourself! Cause it is not a compliment.

Now, open up your phone, delete all of your dating apps, and don't re-download them until you've learned a thing or two about fetishization. And for fucks sake remove your tinder display picture of yourself holding that damn fish.