Driving through the city in the night, when the lights are all out and glow before us like the halos that line along the steps of heaven...

Reminds me of all the times we entered the great city together

Hand on thigh 

My mother's hand over mouth as she reads me bleed for you in the first few pages of my tepid heart

The smell of you under my tongue and in the divide between my thighs

Your essence under my temples

And those early days when I worshiped my god, mouth full of his blessings on my knees and let the church say 


And then the middle.

Where we spat in the face of fate with foolish dreams and that awful "_ ____ ___"

I daren't even type out loud for all the times I've used the Love's name in vain

And then the end

When Player 1 has logged out, and I forgot how to play on full screen

Forgot where to put my fucking thumbs

And if I move my eyes from the screen, then it's game over butImeanisthatevenabadthingatthispoint

His cheat codes expired so of course he left

Left me unable to share a bed

Unable to look below the skin of the forehead of the men in my bed who all must leave immediately after because what exactly did you think this was?

the end

When I fucked myself a new heart

Poured my own fluid, lit my own match

If I must burn to destroy the fingerprints that I could still see around my thighs and throat

Then I must burn

And so the end became that beginning

because what the Bible forgot to tell you

Was that that light in the beginning

That first light

That Genesis light

Was the distant flames of the first woman who had to set herself afire so that the world may begin again