Looney Tunes

Silly little rabbit with the gap between your teeth

I should have took your fucking head

I should have made you bleed


Your pelt was very shiny; I nudged it with my gun

Should have been a warning sign that you did not run


My pretty little rabbit, oh you knew it was a dud

Tweed jacket with the matching hat, just call me Elmer Fudd


"We're gonna hunt some wabbits" I would whisper full of glee

For in that fucking forest, you're the one I knew I'd see


I pulled you by the ears - Gotcha! Finally mine

But vermin don't belong in homes, they belong outside


It's a shame I came to love you, you dirty mangy lie

A shame I didn't skin your hide, and hang you out to dry


You wanna play a fun ol' game, my little rabbit friend?

Come right here and close your eyes - slowly count to ten


They always say that tricks are for kids, and in a way that's right

But they're also for plotting, scheming, planning; drawing blueprints in the night


Cause little rabbit, can't you see

I'm not quite right to toy with


Now Elmer Fudd has come undone, he wanted you to know this:

I'm going to kill you, little one

It's going to take all day


I'll smoke out all your rabbit holes - come out, come out to play!


I'm going to make you bleed a lot and watch your eyes roll back

I'm going to peel your skin from muscle, and hear the bones all crack


You should've chewed your carrot stalk, you should've let me be


Cause here you lay now rotting underneath my favorite tree


I've hung up my big rifle

I've put away my tweed

I let my hunting license expire

You should have let me be