muva m.

I'd love to stay and chat and smoosh my cheek to yours while I kiss the air beside your face


I've got magic to create at home

in a bowl

on my window sill where the sage asks those lower energies to leave so that I may breathe and sleep in peace


and I'd really love to stay and vomit with you

choke out the same regurgitations of the same shit that hovers over the surface of that  same stale vat of  knowledge that we have consumed for so long, we didn't even realize we had been eating absolutely nothing at all


you should excuse me if I seem rude

for, I would like to say that your attraction to me is really none of my business


this body is a loan, and I'd like to think that I like it more than the others, but I'd also like to think that you see through the human hue like I do to you, but you

don't, do you?


forgive me if my being doesn't get your cock hard

but, the sun does

but, you haven't really thought of that have you?

cause I looked upon the face of my moon and received her through my essence in the seat of my underwear the next morning


and through this flow

I know, I know

that I really don't know it all



I'm trying and I'm moving and I've rotted before

stagnancy my downfall

and really quite so very boring


I am life

and I am love

and the light shines between my eyes, not thighs

although it's pretty fun down there too


speak your tongues in a way I'll understand best

not on skin, or through teeth 

but with your eye


your Eye