no. 1 girl

no one's girl stays awake till three

twined in the inbetween 

love and her dreams


no one's girl sees

all you triflin' ass people with blood in their teeth

she can smell it

rust, salt, blue oceans deep


no ones girl knows how to quell it 

says her prayers, goes to sleep

she's no one's girl, that's how she likes it

all alone, and all at peace


no one's girl bites all her pillows

no one's girl won't cry a peep


her heart is here and it is open

a chest for gold and fun

but it's somehow locked - a forcefield

can't crack the code, you better run


no one's girl is mostly happy

loves her friends and loves her life

no one's girl is kinda empty

her well scraped clean by life


they think they love you, no one's girl

let's see how long they play


two years has been the record

two years spent in decay


no one's girl has gems in her chest

and a few between the eyes

no one's girl must wring her heart

wring it out and let it dry


no one's girl is really trying

she is, she is, I am

she does get kind of sad, though, when she wants to hold a hand


no one's girl has never met another one like her

there is a reason she is really no one's girl


she thinks her love before was splendid, was a God

she wonders why they haven't found her yet, they must be lost


no one's girl is not a human

and she finds it kinda tough

cause they don't know just what she is, so it never is enough


and that's sad and kinda lonely

but her heart is pure and full

you can't touch her if she wanted you to

she is for the world