suck out my venom

swallow my phlegm 

tell me you love me

now tell me again


roll out my grains and pluck out my eyes

breathe out my name right into my thighs


scream I'm insane

I tell you no lies


drown in my veins

I want you to die


love me the way the sun loves the sky

there for her day, never mind her whole night


fuck me the way you do in your mind

my butterfly love, so drawn to my light


my lexicon dream

my canon of wit

the cosmos, they planned it

my universe gift


you doused all my fires

unlocked my foot chains


by my voice, by my choice

your sweet prisoner I remain


sleep within  me, beloved as we toss through the night

though you're nothing but nubs, I now know not to bite


rock me sweet, my divine

feel the winds in my spine


whisper oceans in my neck

I'm still right here, no need to check

I haven't reached nirvana yet


be still, my life deck


my hands and my chest

my throat and my neck

my wings and my nest