oll korrect

hold the knife, hold it deep

spill your guts out

blood to keep


pinky-promise, sailors knot

deadly nightshade



leave me now

lover friend

shoot me down

this can't end


oll korrect

please don't lie

not ok

don't let us die


we're in the air

it's meta, babe

it doesn't matter anyway


it's killing me slow, but by degrees

it's hurting me now

I'm on my knees


I'm growing up now,

I think it means

I'm growing in slow

I cough and wheeze


Our waters have moved

The flow still the same

Please tell me at least you'll remember my name


My ego is bruised

Didn't want it this way

My cries are all dry

I want you to stay

My mouth feels all funny

Don't leave me this way 

But you said goodbye 

I can't make you stay