I'm good for you, so drink me up

My blood into your water cup

Can't stop eating, had enough

Can't stop thinking, called your bluff

Thoughts sink into my water bin

Basements within, base means within


Watery wishes

and the mush under a bruise

I thought you could save me

My celluloid muse


Fingernails and the split of ends

I'm trying not to breathe

I can

The blood has drained out from my hands

And now she's on her own again


So roast me slow upon my pit

Tell me where burns so I can lick it

Close up your wounds with tongue and spit


It's okay to cry out when you slide the tip in

It's okay to be quiet when there's oceans within


It's okay to be with me, be little and still

It's okay to cum with me, rosemary and dill