Used Holy Anointing Oil in a Cake

The idea came to me quite suddenly one summer afternoon: I'm going to bake my mom a cake. I had a recipe for pound cake that she really loved, and figured I'd make it for her as a surprise.

I already knew I had all the ingredients I needed, so I began to prepare the batter. The very last thing I needed was extra virgin olive oil.

I looked around in the pantry, and could only find some vegetable oil. There was a little, but not as much as I needed. Woops.

I paced the room. I was 15 and I didn't have a job, so I couldn't just run out and buy any. My mom was at work, so there was no point in asking her to pick some up for me, when the batter would have to sit out for hours.

I began to panic. Not only had I made a mess of the kitchen, but I would have been wasting a fair amount of food by throwing my batter away. I was stuck.

That's when the idea popped into my head: Doesn't mom keep a bottle of olive oil right beside her bed?

The bottle of extra virgin olive oil, that my (at the time) deeply religious mother used for  anointing, Bible study, and passive aggressive prayer beckoned to me. 

I walked into her room and stared at it. It looked like normal oil; even said so right on the bottle. I sniffed it - ditto the smell.

I brought out my iPod and googled "What is the difference between holy oil and normal oil?" My search did little to help my moral dilemma.

After deliberating for a bit, I realized that the pros outdid the cons in this case, and brought the bottle with me to the kitchen. 

The bottle was not empty, but had some already missing. But here's where it got a little "Chloe's-going-to-hell" y. Because that some that was missing, was the exact amount of vegetable cooking oil I had left...

With trembling hands I replaced the oil, muttering my apologies to God, Jesus, Mary, Noah and the gang.

I lifted the bottle up to the light, and it blended perfectly. I shook it up, cause I figured it'll still be at least 80% holy, right?

That night before bed, I said an extra prayer through a mouthful of cake.

The next day my mom commented that it was a tad too oily. I didn't say a word.

And that's the story of that one time I used holy anointing oil in a cake.